Birth Mother Process

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• Discuss the adoption process, your needs and an adoption plan with an attorney.

• Complete some questionnaires with your attorney so we can learn more about you, what

kind of needs you may have, and what kind of an adoptive family you are looking for.

• Begin prenatal care if you have not done so already, we can assist you in finding a doctor

and receiving medical coverage.

• Help us in obtaining your medical records.

• Review adoptive family profiles and choose the perfect family for your baby.

Contact the adoptive family you have chosen, either telephone call or meeting.

• Receive financial assistance (living assistance and/or medical coverage) provided as

needed and where permissible.

• If counseling is requested, then we will give referrals and set up appointments for you.

• Ongoing check in with the office and/or your adoptive family for duration of pregnancy.

• Arrangements for when you are in labor.

• Spend time with baby, adoptive family, counselor as you would like at hospital.

• Assistance going home from hospital if needed.

• Sign documents consenting to adoption of your baby.

• Receive some post birth financial support if needed and permissible under state law.

• Check in with office and/or adoptive family.


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