Estate Planning

Estate planning involves more than deciding who gets what after you die. It also includes having your decisions in writing in case something happens to you.


Estate PlanningA Living Will establishes your decisions in case something happens. Your decisions about being placed on life support and medical treatment, including hydration, nutrition, and breathing machines, are clearly laid out in a legal document. This guarantees that medical providers know what care you want, and protects your family from having to make difficult and emotional decisions in a time of crisis. This is just as important for someone who is in their twenties and healthy as it is for someone approaching the end of life.


Preparing a revocable Living Trust protects your financial wishes. If you are disabled or injured it will help you maintain control of your assets, or make sure the person you choose is handling your finances. It will also prevent your family from the lengthy process of going through the court system in order to take care of your expenses in an emergency.


Finally, a Will ensures that your assets and belongings are distributed according to your wishes after your death, and who you want to handle that distribution. It also establishes your choice of guardian for your minor children or even a beloved pet, protecting their safety and security. Creating a Will prevents your family from having to go through the courts to take care of your estate. It is a vital step no matter whether you have a large bank account or a small one.


Estate planning is vital to your peace of mind and the security of your property and loved ones. That’s why you should trust the capable attorneys at Stuart & Blackwell to walk you through the process of establishing these essential legal protections.


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