Child Support

Arizona takes a parents’ obligation to pay child support very seriously. Parents have a duty to provide reasonable support for their children. Under Arizona law, all other financial obligations are secondary to the obligation to pay child support.

Arizona has guidelines by which child support is set. The guidelines take into consideration the gross income of each of the parents. This does not include the income of a new spouse of either of the parents; and generally only takes into consideration a 40-hour workweek, not overtime. Other factors in determining child support are day care, health insurance, whether children are older than 12, the visitation that each parent has with the child, and any special needs that a child may have that require out of pocket expenses from either parent.

Using our attorneys’ knowledge of and experience with Arizona child support guidelines, Stuart & Blackwell will work with our clients to establish child support that is reasonable and in the best interests of the children involved.

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