January was a wonderful month for Stuart and Blackwell as we made two successful matches between Adoptive Parents and Birth Parents.

During the course of an average month our firm handles many more adoptions than that but matches can be much harder. Our most recent success came on Friday at the end of January when a Birth Mother contacted us through her attorney. We immediately called some of our Adoptive Parent clients to confirm they were happy to have their profile presented to this particular Birth Mother. We then provided her and her attorney with several profiles that same day. On Saturday she selected one of our Adoptive Parent clients, and everything was signed by the next day by both Birth Parents!

The wonderful news is that the baby is doing great. He is still in the hospital but will go home to the Adoptive Parents in the next 3-5 days. There will be letters and pictures to the Birth Parents and Birth Grandparents from the adoptive family (this is sometimes referred to as a ‘semi-open’ adoption).

The Adoptive Family is forever grateful for this selfless and life changing gift. The Birth Mom and Birth Father are happy to have found their child a wonderful home. The formal adoption hearing will take place in about 90 days which is great as adoptions don’t always happen this fast or this simple, but they can and it did this time… It’s great to help put families together.

We were so delighted to receive these flowers as a gift from our client but the real reward was seeing this process go so smoothly.