On January 16, 2014, President Obama signed into law the Accuracy for Adoptees Act. This law requires federal courts and agencies to recognize amended birth dates issued by state courts.

Why is this law significant?

For many children who have been adopted internationally, they face the problem of having two dates of birth. They receive one at the time of their adoption by a federal agency, and another from the state. Many times the dates differ resulting in a date of birth on passport, social security card, and other federal documents, and another date of birth on their birth certificate and other state documents.

Two different dates of birth causes problems.

The most significant problems are enrolling children in the proper grade level in school, and obtaining a passport or driver’s license. Often they are accused of fraud because their dates of birth do not match.

The Accuracy for Adoptees Act solves this problem for children who are internationally adopted by requiring federal agencies to recognize the state issued date of birth. This date is typically more accurate because it is based on a variety of medical and psychological tests completed in the United States.

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