For as much as it is difficult for intended parents to ask for help, it is as much of a decision for a woman to choose to become surrogate mother. They take their role seriously. It may come as a surprise to know women don’t become surrogates for the money, as was often portrayed in the media twenty or thirty years ago.

According to the Center for Surrogate Parenting, an established leader in surrogacy, they will not accept women who do not meet their standards for education, income, and a variety of other factors. It’s too risky for the health of the child (and let’s face it, legally) to NOT have standards and an understanding of the types of surrogacy.

What are the types of surrogacy?

• Straight surrogacy is when the surrogate mother uses her own egg and the intended father’s sperm. There is a genetic link from the surrogate mother to the child which can cause some legal issues including who is named on the birth certificate.

• Gestational surrogacy, which is the most common form, is when the intended mother’s eggs or donor eggs, and the intended father’s sperm are used. The egg is fertilized and transferred to the surrogate’s uterus via IVF. Because there is no genetic link, the intended parents can be named on the birth certificate.

Why Women Choose to Become Surrogate Mothers

The reality is that while organizations like the Center for Surrogate Parenting don’t allow just anyone to be a surrogate, the job of a surrogate is 24-7 for nine months or longer. The money is hardly compensation for the toll a surrogate’s body takes before, during, and after the pregnancy. Women chose to become surrogate mothers for their love of children and of helping others have children.

In many cases, a surrogate already has children of her own and is seeking to help someone else, a single, heterosexual couple, or gay couple, start or add to their family. They understand they are giving the child up to the intended parents, whether the child is biologically tied to them or not.

Couples are grateful to these women who give them the amazing gift of a child. The surrogate mothers understand their role and are pleased to help. Their roles are well-defined in a contract that both parties sign. If you’re thinking about becoming a surrogate mother or are seeking a surrogate, please contact the team at Stuart & Blackwell.