We’ve seen this happen more often than we care to admit. As their parents’ marriage falls apart, kids are left in the middle wondering what is happening.

Where will they live?

Who will take them to school?

Where will they spend their weekends?

To help you on your path, we offer the following tips for planning with kids as a single parent in Arizona:

1. Communicate with your spouse about the children. This may be THE ONLY point that you can discuss with your spouse during this difficult time and that’s okay. It is essential to the well-being of the children that you and your spouse continue to communicate about the children.

2. Develop a plan. Whether you do it or the judge tells you what to do, there will be a visitation plan. To make it most beneficial for you and your spouse, we recommend developing the visitation plan yourselves. Don’t forget to communicate the plan to the children so they understand where they will be.

3. Stick to the plan. It is important for the children to have as much stability as they can during this time where adults are handling the adult issue of divorce.

4. Leave the kids out of the conversation. All the children need to know is the visitation plan, where they will be and when. They don’t need the details of the divorce.

5. Prep the kids. If they are old enough, they can help pack their overnight bags to go visit their other parent. Your role is to get them to the other parent according to the agreement set forth.

Having a plan will not only make it an easier transition for the children, you will be able to plan activities for yourself during the times when the children aren’t with you. It’s a stressful time for every one and a little planning will go a long way.

If you have reason to believe the children are not safe with your spouse, please contact the police or an attorney to discuss your options.