There is no consideration more integral or important to your life than that of bringing a new baby into the world, and adoption is an especially moving manifestation of this endeavor.

While adoption has, in some ways, become more flexible, it’s also become more legally complicated, and there are several important issues that you should seriously consider on your journey toward adoption.

Consult with an Attorney Who Focuses on Adoption Law

Adoption is an important and complicated decision. You need an attorney who will let you know what to expect, will guide you through the process, will prepare you for the adoption agency interview, and will inform you about eligibility requirements.

There’s so much to consider, but an experienced adoption attorney will ensure that you are comfortable with and confident in your decision to adopt.

Understand Your State’s Eligibility Requirements

Different states have different eligibility requirements, and it’s imperative that you understand how they relate to you.

Before you can petition the court to adopt in Arizona, you must first be certified as acceptable to adopt by the court in the county in which you are preparing to adopt. These guidelines only become more complicated when you are looking to adopt outside the state. You need expert legal counsel to help you avoid and overcome obstacles while you navigate through the adoption journey.

Private Adoptions Offer a Different Approach

Private adoptions often follow a different trajectory than agency adoptions, and in Arizona these always go through an attorney.

Your attorney will explain the differences between the two processes, will help you choose the best path for you, and will provide integral guidance throughout your adoption process.

In some ways, private adoptions can allow more flexibility – especially regarding birth parent and adoptive parent interaction – than the agency approach, but in other important ways, they can impose greater limitations. This is a topic that you should explore thoroughly with your attorney.

Consider Open Adoption

The courts sometime consider forms of open adoption for older adoptees. This often includes the child’s ability to maintain ongoing contact with specific blood relatives when the court deems that it’s in the child’s best interests.

Since the child’s welfare is everyone’s top concern, the judge will carefully weigh any such options when making important decisions regarding open adoption. It’s crucial that you explore what this might mean for you, as the adoptive parent, with your attorney.

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Adoption is a beautiful choice, and we can help you with the process. If you are considering adopting a child, it’s in your best interests to speak with a lawyer with considerable expertise in adoption.

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