Built into Arizona law, grandparents have certain rights toward their grandchildren.

If grandparents are being denied visitation with their grandchildren by one or both of the parents, they may be entitled to file for grandparent rights under A.R.S. § 25-409(A). If the grandchild or children’s parents are not able to provide for their needs or are subjecting them to abuse, neglect, or domestic violence, grandparents may even be able to seek full-time custody.

Grandparents whose children are involved in the dependency process (meaning they have been removed from their parents’ care by DCS/CPS) often find themselves left out of the process, discounted as possible placement, and unaware what rights they have regarding their grandchildren. Grandparents of children in dependency cases have a right to participate in hearings, to be offered visitation in some circumstances, and to be considered as placement for their grandchildren.

Court involvement can be difficult for those familiar with the system, and nearly impossible for those who are not. Our firm is committed to ensuring that grandparents are able to get the help they need to maintain contact with their grandchildren, and obtain placement or legal custody when necessary. We have significant experience in this area in both the family and juvenile courts.

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