DCS is the Department of Child Safety in Arizona. Some expectant mothers are unsure if adoption is available to them because DCS has been involved with their other children or because they fear the hospital will report their pregnancy and delivery to DCS. Every expectant mother has the right to create an adoption plan for her unborn child (or any child not yet in state custody) and that child can be placed with the prospective adoptive parents of your choice without ever entering the foster care system. If there is a documented adoption plan in place with prospective adoptive parents who have a valid and current home study (certified to adopt in Arizona), then DCS will not interfere with that adoption plan, even if you have other children who may be in foster care.

The sooner you start your adoption plan, the easier it is for us to keep DCS informed of your decision and out of the way of your hospital experience. If you are late in your pregnancy or even at the hospital, it may not be too late. With a private adoption, you not only get to choose the adoptive parents for this child, you can also choose to have an open adoption that may include visits.

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