Meet with an Attorney

The adoption process is complex and full of legal rules that you must follow. As a result, the most important first step when beginning the adoption process in Arizona is to call our firm to schedule an initial consultation.

This “Meet & Greet” appointment is designed to help you familiarize yourself with the adoption process and to explain what you can expect when adopting a child. We can help you avoid unnecessary delays and eliminate potential problems before they arise.

Adoption Home Study and Certification Process

After you decide to move forward with adoption, you need to get certified to adopt by the Court in the county where you reside. You must complete this step before a child can be placed in your care. Arizona is one of only a few states that requires prospective adoptive parents to have their home study certified. The home study is an evaluation of you and any adult members in your home, to determine whether you are fit and ready to adopt.

It takes approximately 6-8 weeks to gather documentation, pass federal and state criminal background checks, have your home study social worker inspect your home, and then complete your home study so it can be submitted to the Court for the judge to review. The judge’s review of the home study may take another 8 weeks. If approved, you will receive your Certification to Adopt by the judge.

By statute, our office cannot present your adoptive parent profile book to expectant parents until you are certified to adopt.

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