Not that long ago having a child out of wedlock meant a secret pregnancy and putting the baby up for adoption. Oftentimes the mother didn’t even see their child; the baby was whisked away and given to their adoptive parents. Thankfully that is not the case today.

At Stuart and Blackwell we believe in providing professional guidance to birth mothers and adoptive parents throughout the adoption process.

What does an adoption plan involve?

An adoption plan includes the birth mother, attorney or social worker, and adoptive parents working together in the best interests of all involved.

The birth mother decides characteristics they would like for their child’s adoptive parents. Traits include ethnicity, religion, family size, geographical location, hobbies, and interests. She is then presented with profiles and selects adoptive parents for her child.

The adoptive parents go through a similar process considering characteristics of the birth mother. These traits may include age, ethnicity, marital status, and economic status. Based on their criteria, their profiles are presented to birth mothers.

The process isn’t simple and involves a lot of emotion on both sides. Choosing to give a child up for adoption, whether open or closed, is a difficult decision. And adding an adopted child to your family is a choice not to be made lightly.

What’s the difference between open and closed adoption?

While we have come a long way in terms of pregnancy and adoption, some parents, birth and adoptive, choose a closed adoption. Both parties know little about the other and there is little to no contact after the adoption takes place. Often the social worker or adoption attorney selects the adoptive parents for the child.

Closed adoption has caused some interesting questions about adoptee rights especially from adoptees who wonder about their medical history and heritage.

Open adoption is the more common option. The mother and adoptive parents exchange non-identifying personal information and photos of each other. The mother will often provide letters to be given to the child at specific times – birthdays, graduation, etc.. She may also choose to provide her personal information should the parents or child want to reach her for additional information.

Whether in an open or closed adoption, the team at Stuart and Blackwell can help you through the adoption process. Contact us to learn more.