There’s an interesting trend happening in divorce. Gone are the days when a couple stays legally married because it’s the church rule or there is a social stigma attached to divorce. The fact is there is a graying of divorce. One study suggests that as many as 1 in 4 people getting divorced is 50 years or older and 1 in 10 is older than 65 years old. [Source] Also known as Baby Boomers, this graying set is increasingly on the road to divorce for a number of reasons.

Empty Nesters

The only thing they had in common was the raising of their children. Once the nest is empty, the have little in common. Many report wanting to pursue their passions and their spouse is simply not interested in taking that journey with them.

Marriage Expectations

Women have become more educated and financially independent making the idea of depending on a man less favorable and not as needed as in previous generations. Once the children are raised, they can pursue their career or passion, or both, and develop a life of their own. They no longer need a marriage for the source of happiness.

Economics of Marriage

Money is one of the top reasons couples fight and ultimately divorce. Among those hardest hit by the Great Recession were Generation X and Baby Boomers whose retirement savings and home values were wrecked by economic downturns. The stress about money has caused many older couples to consider divorce.

None of these reasons mean it’s easy to say goodbye to a marriage that has lasted 20 or more years. There are an increasing number of support groups for people who are recently separated and a great sense that the graying of divorce doesn’t mean the end of being social or happy. It just means a new life filled with possibilities.

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