Regardless of what happened in your divorce proceedings, it is in the best interest of all members of a family for parents to come to an agreement about how they will raise minor children. Verbal agreements are okay but they may not stand up in court. We recommend filing a document in family court known as a Parenting Plan. These plans include a clear definition of housing and visitation schedule as well as religious and educational decisions by both parents.

We know life changes and that means reworking Arizona parenting plans.

Arizona family court allows for the plan to change, as they understand life changes, always keeping the best interests of the children at the center of all decisions.

Outstanding Terms

Should there be decisions left outstanding, the plan names which parent is to make the decision on behalf of the child or children. Should future disputes arise, the plan also outlines how the disputes should be resolved, most likely through formal mediation. The terms of the plan may also include a set timeline to review the document.

The Goal

The goal of a parenting plan is to provide stability for the child/children at a time when their lives are in upheaval. There are times when reworking the Arizona parenting plan is necessary.

·      Violation of the agreement or visitation schedule.

·      Life changes such as bankruptcy, remarriage, or other major events.

·      One parent needs to relocate for his/her job.

The Role of Parents

Each family is unique so it is up to the parents to determine when the plan needs to change. While some co-parents can make changes outside the court system, we do not recommend this course of action. Rather, we believe it protects all parties, especially the children, to go through mediation and file changes in court.

If you or a loved one have questions about reworking an Arizona parenting plan, please make an appointment with Stuart & Blackwell today.