The decision to place a child for adoption is one of the biggest decisions someone can make in their lifetime.

It is not surprising, then, that many expectant mothers who are considering adoption or have made the decision to move forward with an adoption have many questions about the process, their rights, and other issues related to adoption in Arizona.

Here are some answers to some of the questions we frequently hear from pregnant women who are considering adoption.

Will I Be Able to Choose My Child’s Adoptive Family?

The first concern that many expect mothers have is whether they will be able to choose the family their biological child ends up with.

While it is not necessary to do so, they certainly can and have the option of going through adoptive family profiles until they find a family who they believe will be a good fit.

There are plenty of families out there looking to adopt, so there is a good chance that they will be able to find one that meets all of their criteria.

Can I Talk to the Family Before the Adoption Actually Occurs?

Yes! Birth mothers and adoptive families can communicate as much or as little as they would like.

In many cases, communication between birth mothers and potential adoptive families begins through emails and phone calls to allow both parties to get to know each other and see whether they want to proceed with the adoption.

If the birth mother prefers not to communicate with the adoptive family, they can pursue a confidential adoption in which their identity will remain unknown to the adoptive family.

How Much Will It Cost Me to Place My Baby for Adoption?

Many birth mothers are concerned about the costs associated with placing their baby for adoption or hiring an adoption attorney. Typically, adoption does not cost birth mothers anything and all medical, legal, and counseling services are covered.

In addition, once they are matched with a family, they will be eligible for assistance with their living expenses, such as rent, transportation, utilities, and food.

Is Adoption Safe for My Child?

The adoption process is intentionally slow and requires multiple levels of review. While no one is able to predict the future, every step along the way is designed to ensure that birth mothers and adoptive parents are fully aware of all of the relevant information and are able to make fully-informed decisions.

In addition, the state needs to certify adoptive parents and conduct a home study that includes an assessment of their financial situation, physical health, and criminal background check. These checks are intended to ensure that all adopted children go to loving, stable homes.

Is Adoption Reversible?

Typically, once and adoption is finalized, there is no way to reverse it. Some circumstances under which it may be possible to invalidate an adoption include if the decision to place a baby for adoption was the result of fraud or duress, if the court made an error of law, or if the birth father was not properly notified.

Do I Need an Attorney to Place My Child for Adoption?

There is no law in Arizona that requires women who are considering placing their baby for adoption to retain an attorney. With that said, doing so can only provide a benefit and carries no risk, so there is no reason not to retain an attorney as soon as someone realizes that placing their child for adoption may be an option.

Some of the specific ways that a Phoenix adoption lawyer can help include the following:

  • Explain the adoption process and discuss specific needs
  • Arrange for prenatal care
  • Arrange for financial assistance if necessary
  • Arrange for counseling
  • Work with the birth mother in determining the type of adoptive family they are looking for and help them to review profiles of potential families
  • Make arrangement for the delivery of the baby
  • Ensure that the birth mother is aware of all of her rights throughout the process

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