The open adoption process keeps the focus on the adoptive child – the center of the relationship between both the birthparents and the adoptive parents.

Such adoptions demand that the involved parents share a significant level of trust. Open adoptions are uniquely focused on mutual respect and common love for the child involved. This process can allow both sets of parents to recognize, appreciate, and enjoy their own unique relationship with the child.

Benefits of Open Adoption

When both the birthparents and the adoptive parents join in support of the child, they provide that child with a healthy developmental foundation.

This teamwork approach allows children to piece their own identities together in a loving, supportive, and accepting environment. A healthy open adoption can allow both sets of parents to find peace within the adoption. Additionally, an open adoption has several distinct circumstantial advantages:

  • The adoptive family will know more about the birth parents, which can be helpful as the child matures;
  • The adoptive parents can share information more openly with the child, which can lead to a healthier, more open relationship; and
  • The child can forge a relationship with his or her birthparents later in life, which can be enriching for both the birthparents and the child.

Open Adoption: Paving the Way

Adoptions are often fraught with emotion as a new child is into a family. Naturally, everyone involved will want the process to go as smoothly as possible. An open adoption is a lofty goal, but there are things that can be done to better one’s chances of successfully achieving that goal.

Arizona has not implemented a standardized definition for open adoption, but the state does allow the involved parents to draw up a legally-binding contract that paves the way for both sets of parents to communicate within the adoption. Experienced legal counsel is crucial to getting this contract right and to forging a smooth open adoption.

Open Adoption – Be Yourself

If you are interested in pursuing an open adoption, you’re probably nervous about the process and about whether the birthparents will be drawn to you. The best advice is to be yourself. Relationships are strongest when they’re genuine and when they’re based on truth, integrity, and transparency. If you’re worried about something, express that fear. Share your feelings, thoughts, concerns, and observations and allow the connection between you and the birthparents to grow naturally. By so doing, you improve your odds of forging a strong and healthy relationship with the birthparents in the open adoption.

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