Choosing to bring a new baby into the family is a momentous decision that’s sure to bring great happiness, and choosing to adopt can be one of the most rewarding decisions one could ever make.

Adoption varies somewhat from state to state, and while any adult resident of Arizona is technically qualified to adopt a child, it’s not that simple. The Arizona adoption process is lengthy, and there are many requirements that adoptive parents must meet before they can qualify to adopt a child.

An Arizona adoption attorney can help with this sometimes-arduous process while ensuring the best possible chances of adopting successfully.

Arizona Adoption Laws

Arizona’s adoption laws require that prospective parents first be certified by the court.

Certification requires that the parents file a detailed application with the court that includes an in-depth financial statement as well as a physician’s statement that details their physical health. Further, the certification process requires that parents attend adoption orientation and training classes.

Fitness to Adopt

The courts take Arizona adoptions seriously – the parents will be thoroughly investigated by either the court or an adoption agency. In consideration of whether a couple is fit to adopt, the court takes several factors into consideration:

  • A complete social history;
  • Financial status and stability;
  • Moral fitness;
  • Religious background;
  • Physical and mental health;
  • Any court actions against you regarding either child abuse or child abandonment;
  • The ability (including the ability of every adult member of a household) to successfully pass a fingerprint-based record check for criminal history; and
  • Any other factors pertaining to one’s fitness as adoptive parents that the court, agency, or division deems relevant to the adoption.

Arizona Adoption Process

The Arizona adoption process can be long and arduous, and the consequences are too important to leave to chance. After all, this is about bringing a new child into your family. Don’t try to navigate the process on your own; you need a skilled legal advocate. Experienced adoption attorneys have the knowledge, skill, and dedication to guide you on the path toward successfully expanding your family.

The Benefits of Adoption with an Experienced Lawyer

The decision to add a member to the family is a significant one. Once someone has made the decision to adopt a child, it is only natural that they would like the process to go as smoothly as possible and not cause months or even years of emotional stress. While adoption is an complicated process in Arizona that affects the rights of several parties, it does not have to be a difficult one. There are many ways in which an experienced adoption attorney can help to ensure that the process moves along as quickly and efficiently as it possible can. Some of the specific ways in which a lawyer can help individuals and families who are looking to adopt include the following:

  • Review the parents’ current circumstances and legal history in order to determine whether there may be any roadblocks to adoption
  • If there are, suggest actions to take to improve chances of being certified by the court
  • Help to determine whether public or private adoption is best
  • Assist in finding an agency that fits the parents’ specific needs
  • Fill out the required paperwork
  • Represent the parents’ in court should any serious issues arise

While there is no legal requirement to retain an attorney when adopting, it is important to keep in mind that should things go awry, it can stall an adoption for months or even years.

In extreme cases, issues during the process may result in an invalid adoption, which could be emotionally traumatic for everyone involved. For this reason, it is highly advisable for anyone considering adopting a child to speak to an attorney as soon as possible.

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