When having made the choice to adopt, the thrill felt upon making the decision is often mixed with concern over facing a possibly long, legally complicated process. Don’t be scared. Adoption could be the most rewarding decision ever made, and it is well worth the journey.

After all, it culminates in the addition of a new member within a loving family. No two adoptions are alike, but most involve their share of uncertainty.

In the meantime, there are some ways to help successfully navigate through the adoption process with equanimity.

Get Organized

Adoption is a legal process, and the law necessitates paperwork – lots and lots of paperwork. Get and stay organized. Be diligent about getting paperwork and documents done correctly and timely, and keep copies of everything.

Instead of simply amassing this paperwork, however, keep documents neatly organized in easily accessible files so that, when something is needed, it is ready to go.

Keeping paperwork organized will facilitate getting through the home visit with confidence. The homework is done, so relax and consult an adoption attorney for guidance. He or she will know what paperwork and documentation to compile and will guide the process.

Be Courageous

Adoption is no time to be timid. With adoption comes uncertainty, which is stressful. However, after having bravely chosen to proceed with adoption, harness courage to get through.

Many who are new to adoption find that sharing their choice with other people can be difficult. Be prepared to get plenty of well-meaning but often unhelpful and unsolicited advice. Many people are ill informed about adoption. Have courage, heed an adoption attorney’s advice, and stay focused on adopting a child.

Be Patient With The Process

Adoption requires patience – with the process and all the parties involved. Once the momentous decision to add a child to the family has been made, it’s  naturally exciting, but good things sometimes take time.

An experienced adoption lawyer will help bring a better understanding of the legal process and will provide guidance through the steps to be taken. The timeline can be unpredictable. Focus on preparing the family for welcoming a new child into the home, and be patient with the process and with those involved.

Everyone experiences adoption-process ups and downs. Keep in mind that it is natural to have jitters. Remember that an experienced Arizona adoption attorney is always there with accurate information when questions or concerns arise.


Adoption is a journey, and it requires persistence. Congratualtions on taking the important first step of choosing adoption. Now utilize persistence and it will pay off. Keep at it.

Though the adoption process is rarely streamlined and straightforward, it is worth it. When an adoption attorney assigns tasks to anxious adopters, it is important to get them done in a timely fashion. Be accurate and efficient in the work, and keep moving forward. Adoption is all about the endgame, and by persisting – adopters will get there.

Gotta Have Faith

The adoption process can have twists and turns, can go long, and may cause moments of  doubt regarding the initial decision to adopt. Have faith in that decision. It was made out of love and commitment, after all, and it may well be the most rewarding decision ever made.

Put faith in the adoption process. When carefully adhered to, this process will guide parents toward their goal of welcoming a child into their life.

Arizona Adoption Information

Educating oneself about Arizona adoptions and talking to others who have gone through the process can help one better understand and handle pre-adoption jitters. Adopting a child will enrich life in ways yet unimaginable. Once there, all the hard work of preparation will become a distant memory.

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Choosing to adopt is an important decision that sets the often-laborious adoption process in motion, but it’s also a decision that one will never regret. Adopting a child is likely the most gratifying choice ever made. The adoption process, however, can be daunting.

The experienced adoption attorneys at Stuart & Blackwell are here to help navigate the path toward adding a child to your family. We have the compassion, skill, and commitment to help smoothly make the way through the intricacies of the Arizona adoption process.

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