Families make the world go around, but happy, loving families come in all varieties and sizes – and that sometimes means single-parent families. Do not be deterred if considering parenthood as a single person.

Arizona law allows any adult of any marital status to adopt a child – provided that certain conditions are met. While the world may seem to still prioritize the traditional family, single-parent Arizona adoptions are viable and worth pursuing.

In an Arizona adoption there are some tips to follow to help bolster single-parent adoption odds.

1. Prepare

When ready for the challenge of single parenting, one may face people with more traditional views who disagree. Prepare to face such disagreement in a calm but reasoned manner.

It is important to remember that the primary consideration of adoption authorities is the well-being of the child, so do everything possible to show the ability to providing a nurturing stable home environment that will allow a child to thrive.

2. Build Support Systems

Every parent – single or otherwise – needs a support system. Build support systems by sharing plans with family, friends, and loved ones. Raising happy, healthy kids truly takes a village.

Discuss plans to adopt with family members and find a way to have the support required to raise a child while continuing with existing obligations.

3. Consider Childcare Options

Most single parents are also working parents. Carefully consider childcare arrangements ahead of time. Being prepared, after all, is what parenting is all about.

If it’s feasible, talk to employers about plans and the options that may be available for adjusting schedules to maximize the time able to be spent with a new baby. In addition, make sure that finances can handle child care.

4. Research Different Types Of Adoption

Adopting as a single parent is nearly always a lengthy process, but researching the different types of adoption in Arizona – including open, closed, and foster-care adoptions – can improve the chance of shortening the wait.

An experienced adoption attorney can help determine the best adoption path and can help potential adopters do everything possible to prepare for the process.

5. Connect With Other Adoptive Single Parents

The adoption process can run very long, and this is often even more true for adoptive single parents. Connect with others who are walking the same path. Sharing the journey can help, and may also grow after-adoption support systems.

The internet is a great place to start, but also try to find in-person groups that can help teach more about adoption as a single parent and assist in the growth of child care support system.

6. Grow From The Experience

If facing disappointment such as being turned down by a birth mother or by another bump in the process, try to chalk it up to a learning experience and move on. Adoptions can be difficult and are almost always lengthy and unpredictable.

However once the momentous decision has been made to start a new family, the effort put into the process will not be regretted. Be resilient through the process!

These are just a few things that single people can do to prepare for adoption and maximize their chances of successfully becoming an adoptive parent.

The single most effective thing that can be done to make the process of adoption go as quickly, smoothly, and efficiently as possible is to retain an attorney from the outset.

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