On any given day, 437,000 children are living within the U.S Foster Care system. Out of those children, 125,000 are eligible for adoption. If you have just started the adoption process, are in the early stages, or have hit a bump in the road, you know how complicated it can be. However, the complexity of adoption should not surprise those who truly want to adopt.

After all, adoption makes the adoptive parents legally responsible for the care of another human being (that’s no small thing!) and removes all legal responsibility from the biological parents involving constitutional rights.

An adoption attorney will help you understand and navigate adoption laws, and if any challenges arise, it’s best to have legal help on your side.

Address Any Issues that May Arise

Unfortunately, yet commonly, there can be obstacles to the adoption process, including challenges by the birth parents. Likewise, parents trying to adopt within the state of Arizona must be certified by the court as acceptable to adopt first, and issues such as criminal history or financial problems could prevent certification.

By retaining a lawyer, they will review your case thoroughly, determine if there is a risk of any issues occurring, and advise you to take specific steps to mitigate the chance of those said issues causing a problem.

For example, in Arizona, along with a handful of other states, a biological father’s rights can be resolved before the baby’s birth. Having an experienced attorney involved early in the adoption process or pregnancy can help resolve and mitigate these problems before the baby is placed within the adoptive parent’s home.

Identify All Of Your Options

There are a handful of options for both the parents and the birth mother when it comes to adoption.

For example, you can pursue a foster adoption through the state, be matched with a birth mother or adoptive family through your attorney, or go through a private agency. When you meet with an attorney, they will discuss your options with you and help you determine which path is the right one for you and your family.

Make Sure The Process Stays on Track

Adopting a child or placing a child for adoption is a multi-step process that involves various state agencies and the courts.

Often, certain steps need to be taken before the process can move forward, and it can be overwhelming for those that do not have prior adoption experience to know what those next steps are. A seasoned adoption attorney can help you navigate the process and ensure the adoption goes swiftly and as efficiently as possible.

Every adoption is as unique as the adoptive parents themselves, but the journey doesn’t have to be harrowing. At Stuart & Blackwell, we understand just how stressful the adoption process can be, and we’re here to help you find the path to adoption that’s right for you.

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