Whether you’re a birth mother seeking to adopt out your child, a couple or family member seeking to adopt a child, the team at Stuart and Blackwell is here to help you through the process. Our private adoptions are confidential and we are committed to helping your family through the adoption process.

Here are some reasons adoption is a good choice:

For the Birth Mother

Choosing to give a child up for adoption is a brave choice to make for you and for your child. Our team is a leader in the state of Arizona for helping women create a personalized adoption plan that is best for them. Our team includes counselors and other resources available to birth mothers free of charge. We help connect certified adoptive families with birth mothers in a confidential agreement. Visit our Birth Mother FAQ for additional information.

For a Stepparent or Relative Adoption

There are cases where a stepparent will want to adopt a child. Those reasons includes a deceased natural parent, the natural parent signs a consent for adoption or has their rights terminated by a court of law. Choosing to adopt a stepchild or relative will help the child feel like they are a complete part of the family, allowing them to have the same last name as the rest of their family. The stepparent or relative will have the same rights as natural parent when it comes to making decisions about schools, daycare, and emergency care. Lastly, adoption will make it possible for the child to be part of inheritance and other death benefits of the stepparent or relative. For more information, please visit the Adoption by Stepparent or Relative section of our website.

For Families

Couples may opt to adopt a child for a variety of reasons, expanding their family to include children. Whether adopting in an agreement with a birth mother or a child from foster care, the team at Stuart & Blackwell can help. We help match couples and children in the private adoption process. For more information, please visit the Family Adoption section of our website.

We are committed to guiding you and your family through the adoption process Contact us for additional information. We look forward to helping you.