If you’re thinking of expanding your family via adoption, we recommend you hire an adoption attorney. The law can be complex and it’s helpful to have a third party to review the terms of the adoption to be sure the adoption is legal and the terms are in your best interest.

What Can an Adoption Attorney do for You?

• Provide resources and explanation of the types of adoption.

• Explain your rights when it comes to Arizona adoption law.

• Refer you to a knowledgeable colleague in another state or internationally.

• Assess risks including legally permissible costs and birth parent rights.

• Review adoption contract to be sure you are protected and your needs are met.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Adoption Attorney

Consider selecting an adoption attorney a job interview. Asking the right questions could help you find the right person to help you grow your family. Questions to ask include:

• What portion of your practice is adoptions?

• How many adoptions have you handled?

• Have you handled our type of adoption (foster child, newborn, older child, special needs, etc.)?

• How many of your adoptions have been finalized? Failed?

• If failed, what were the reasons?

• How are birth parents involved in adoptions?

• What is your policy on the rights of the birth father? How is that handled?

• What post-placement services do you offer?

• What adoption services do you offer?

• What is the fee to adopt? What is included (and not included) in the fee?

• When is payment due?

Adoption can be complicated making it important to find the right attorney to help you. Understanding the importance of having an adoption attorney in Arizona and asking questions to find the one that’s right for you are keys to making it a less stressful experience for you and your family.

At Stuart and Blackwell, we have adoption experience. Kristy Blackwell was recently named the 2014 Clients’ Choice Award winner in the Adoption category. Contact Kristy to learn more about Arizona adoptions.