Perhaps you have considered adopting a child—or multiple children—but have put the idea aside because you have heard how costly the process can be. After all, a child’s life and well-being are at stake and adoption can be a complex legal process. In addition to the actual adoption expenses, you have likely assumed that you cannot afford a proper attorney to oversee the adoption process.  Attorneys often charge outlandish hourly fees, right? All of these costs come right as you must prepare to raise a child in your home, which can certainly be expensive enough on its own. Too often, such assumptions regarding cost can make people reconsider the choice to adopt.

On the other hand, if you are pregnant and are considering adoption for your child, you are also likely concerned about costs. You naturally want to make sure that the right individuals adopt your child and that all of your rights as a birth mother are fully protected, as well. However, you may worry about the costs of legal representation and, therefore, may put off calling an attorney. This is especially true if you are facing a variety of additional financial challenges aside from your pregnancy.

The good news for both adoptive parents and birth mothers is that adoption does not have to be outrageously expensive.

Free Representation for Birth Parents

At the law firm of Stuart & Blackwell, we believe that all birth parents deserve high-quality legal representation throughout every step of the adoption process. We also realize many birth parents are often under significant financial strain and that finances should not keep them from making the best decision for their situation. For this reason, we represent birth parents who are looking to place an unborn child or a child for adoption at no cost to them. If you are considering adoption for your child, do not hesitate to learn more about how we can help you for free today.

Cost-effective Options for Adoptive Parents

Many parents looking to adopt in Arizona choose to adopt from the foster care system, which is overseen by the Department of Economic Security (DES). There are many children in foster care who are legally free for adoption and who would love nothing more than to have a permanent loving home. At Stuart & Blackwell, our adoption lawyers are able to provide free representation to help finalize an adoption from DES. In addition, we can help you obtain adoption subsidies from DES to help cover any additional costs.

For a private adoption, if you need representation for a specific adoption, please set up a free appointment to learn more about our cost-effective services. If you are not that far along in the process and simply would like more information about your options, about the adoption process in general, or about how to connect with the right birth parents, we offer consultations that are significantly discounted from our traditional hourly rates.

Call Today for More Information

Overall, the Arizona adoption attorneys at Stuart & Blackwell believe finances should not prevent you from considering adoption. To learn more about how we can help you, please call or use our online form to schedule an appointment today.