The decision to expand your family by adopting a child can bring lifelong rewards. However, this is also a huge decision with many different financial and legal implications and it should never be taken lightly.

1. Decide what type of adoption you want.

“Adoption” is a term used to encompass many different scenarios, as there are many options when you set out to adopt a child.

  • Private adoption
  • Adopting children from foster care/state custody
  • Agency adoption
  • Interstate adoption (private, agency or foster)
  • International adoption (private, agency or foster)
  • Adopting children with special needs (private, agency or foster)
  • Open, semi-open, or closed adoption (private, agency or foster)
  • Transracial adoption

You need to ask yourself many questions, including: Do you want an infant or are you open to an older child? Do you want an ongoing relationship with the birth mother? An attorney can walk you through these important decisions.

2. Go over finances.

Adoption can be extremely inexpensive or extremely expensive, depending on some of your choices and depending on the birth mothers situation. There are costs throughout the process and there are often financial obligations that were originally unexpected. You need to make sure you are in the financial position to take care of the birth mothers needs and other procedural costs. If you are trying to adopt from another state or from a foreign country, there will be travel expenses. There may be medical expenses associated with the pregnancy and delivery that may not be covered by insurance or Medicaid and you may need to cover the costs. Finally, ensure you have the financial means to provide a good home for your adopted child.

3. Prepare for the process mentally.

Adoption is a process with highs and lows. It can take time to be chosen as adoptive parents or to be connected with a child. Birth mothers have the right to change their minds and occasionally they do, which can be emotionally overwhelming for prospective adoptive parents. Many prospective adoptive parents benefit from counseling or other types of support throughout this complex yet rewarding process.  Remember, however you add to your family, it’s a process and not without its challenges.  Try to enjoy the process and look for the upsides along the way.

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