The process of adoption can obviously be a very exciting time for your family – after all, you’re bringing a new child into your loving home.

Adoption, however, can also be fraught with some emotional upsets – and one of these is the dreaded home visit. Don’t fret too much about the home visit. You’re ready to adopt, and there is a child out there who’s ready to accept your unconditional love – much of the rest is just legal details.

An experienced Arizona adoption attorney will help you navigate the process and bring your child safely home.

Home Study: The Overview

It’s natural to be nervous when you’re faced with a study that can have such a tremendous impact on your future. The home study isn’t as scary as all that, however. It’s merely a research report that encapsulates your familial life and your living environment.

The home study simply gathers important information to ensure that you are well prepared to add another member to your family.

Home Study: The Process

The Arizona home study is completed by an authorized division or agency, and it includes you (the prospective adoptive parents – or parent) and any other adults who live in your household.

The home study is comprised of three primary components:

  • Documentation

Adoption applicants must submit important official documents that include birth certificates, marriage certificates, financial statements, and physician’s statements of health. Further, all adult members of your household must certify whether they’re awaiting trial or have ever been convicted of a crime. State and federal criminal record checks will also be implemented.

  • Interview

The interview fills many applicants with trepidation, but this element of the procedure –though fundamental to the proceedings – simply allows the social worker to connect with you as prospective adoptive-parents. Don’t think of it as a test so much as a chance to share biographical information, including family dynamics, values, traditions, and hobbies. You’ll also be given the opportunity to share your reason for embracing adoption and your understanding of what it means to adopt.

  • Home Inspection

The social worker will also visit your home to ensure that it is a safe and appropriate environment for raising a child – checking for potential safety hazards that may need to be addressed before a placement can be made.

Your Story

While the prospect of a home study can seem somewhat clinical, there are important aspects of this study that focus on your story.

One of the primary purposes of the Arizona home study is to get to know you, and that’s where your autobiography comes in. You’ll be asked to write and share the story of your adoption journey.

This should begin with your life’s story, including your family, your childhood experiences, your familial relationships, and more. You’ll also include the story of your marriage, your path to adoption (including infertility issues if applicable), your career path, and other important factors that make you who you are.

Writing your autobiography provides you with the unique opportunity to share exactly how carefully you’ve considered adoption, how committed you are to the adoption process, and how ready you are to open your heart and home to a new family member.

Your Adoption Education

Adoption education is a critical element of every Arizona adoption, and your home study social worker will go over your adoption education experience with you. If you have questions or concerns, your social worker is a great resource.

The Arizona adoption process is all about placing children in happy, healthy homes with loving parents who are well prepared to care for them. Part of this process includes ensuring that prospective parents – like you – are well informed and prepared regarding what it means to be successful adoptive parents.

Your Home Study

Yes, your home study allows the State of Arizona to assess your suitability for becoming adoptive parents, but it also provides you with the opportunity to become more comfortable with the process and to prepare for one of the most rewarding endeavors you’ll ever experience.

Once your home study is complete, the social worker in charge of you case will create a report that demonstrates your preparedness for becoming adoptive parents.

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